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14 February 2018

House Keeping

We are onlooking a modern India that is advancing with major technological reforms and sophistication. For this modern India, the way services are being provided is also getting a significant update. We are seeing new areas of technology and hospitality being applied to the corporates and housing sectors.

A very important flag-bearer of this sector is Facility Management. With this house keeping service, AMPM is facilitating its clients with a new ager customer experience that has been encored with professionalism and sophistication and is way ahead than the feeling of being just service providers.

Services that are covered by AMPM include concierge, room service, to proper management of assets, like lifts, AC, plumbing, to an impeccable cleaning service – it all interjects finely, to finally make the five-star experience possible.

It is a regular practice to understand the expectations and requirements for any project and then indulges in well-planned and managed implementations to make sure optimum success for any project. This is to make sure that the company maintains a holistic approach towards all the clients and to bring about a tangible difference in the way things are done presently.