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Facility management

AMPM provides professionally trained and well-supervised human resources that are deployed for specific facility management purposes that cover assets, personnel, or any kind of circumstance.

The company is committed to quality and client satisfaction while taking care of sensitivity of this field and the importance of providing professional and specialized expertise by the requirement and to the utmost comfort of the client.

The employees are carefully selected, thoroughly vetted and adequately trained. Our personnel is smartly uninformed, well equipped and continuously supervised.


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Guarding Services

In today's world, where businesses are so progressively intricate and global, the threats which are imposed ...

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Female Guards

We live in times where the economy is actively promoting and recruiting women because they recognize the ...

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Industrial security services

With a growing number of industries, you never know when and where you can make enemies. The competition ...

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Corporate services

In a universe of different and complex dangers, conveying viable security is a specific test.Varying administrative...

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Campus services

Now more than ever, parents and students are very particular when it comes to security on campuses. Security...

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Corporate occasions and gatherings require an alternate methodology totally, and we at AMPM put a premium...

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In today’s world, Retail organizations face constant threats regarding the security of their assets...

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House Keeping

We are onlooking a modern India that is advancing with major technological reforms and sophistication. ...

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